• A CBS poll shows 9 in 10 Republcans voting for Trump in November
  • The same can't be said for Dems, who will only name their candidate in July
  • Right now, the poll shows Sanders, Biden and Warren all beating Trump

As can be expected, nine in 10 Republicans see president Donald Trump winning re-election on November 3. But, so do three in 10 Democrats, according to a recent poll by CBS News released Sunday.

Combined, the answers to the poll question, "Regardless of how you are voting, think Trump will get re-elected," shows 65% of registered voters nationwide answering, "Definitely/Probably Will," while 35% replied, "Definitely/Probably Will Not."

The Democratic candidates in the CBS poll are Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT; former mayor Pete Buttigieg; former vice president Joe Biden; Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA; Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-MN; and former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg.

On the plus side for Dems is that whichever of their six top candidates goes up against Trump in head-to-head matchups, the contest will be a tight one with no more than three percentage points separating the Democratic candidate from Trump. That means a win for the Democratic nominee is likely whoever he or she might be. A win is likely for Sanders, Biden and Warren.

The poll shows Sanders beating Trump 47% to 44%; Biden beating Trump, 47% to 45%; Warren defeating Trump, 46% to 45%; Buttigieg tying Trump at 44%; Klobuchar losing to Trump 44% to 45%; and Bloomberg losing to Trump 42% to 45%.

Because Trump is running practically unopposed, Republicans are quite confident of his reelection with large majorities believing each of the potential Democratic opponents are long shots to beat him in November. Democrats are apparently more uncertain of their candidate beating Trump, partly because they have so many excellent candidates to choose from. This plethora of talent is fracturing the party to the detriment of their putative candidate.

Electability to Democrats means Biden and Sanders will be the most likely to kick Trump out of office. The poll shows 49% of Democrat voters believe Biden can beat Trump. A further 46% say Sanders can do so, while 36% each surmise Bloomberg and Warren can get this job done.

As to the question, who their first choice of a nominee will be, 28% said Sanders is this person, 19% said Warren, 17% said Biden, 13% said Bloomberg, 10% said Buttigieg and 5% said Klobuchar.

Among likely Democratic voters nationwide, 54% said their candidate should fight for a more progressive agenda (which is good news for Sanders and Warren), while 46% said they want to return things to the way they were before Trump came on the scene in 2016.

Other interesting nuggets from the CBS poll:

  • 42% of Democratic primary voters have definitely made up their minds at this point.
  • The most enthusiastic about their first choice picks are Warren's supporters (69%) and Sanders' supporters (65%).
  • 52% of Biden's supporters are enthusiastic about him in contrast to Buttigieg's 52%.
  • Just over a third of Bloomberg's and Klobuchar's supporters are enthusiastic about their candidates.
  • 57% of Democratic voters see Sanders as the candidate who will fight the most for people like them. Fifty-three percent view Warren in the same light.
  • 50% said Warren was the most impressive candidate in the recent debates followed by Sanders at 42%. Bloomberg was dead last at 15%.
Democratic presidential hopeful Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is on a roll
Democratic presidential hopeful Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is on a roll AFP / Paul Ratje