Dak prescott Ezekiel Elliott
Ezekiel Elliott will need to work his way back up if he wants to earn better pay from NFL teams who may take interest in the RB. Harry How/Getty Images


  • Ezekiel Elliott can still be of use to NFL teams in need of backfield help
  • A former Cowboys coach believes Elliott needs to lower his expectations
  • Elliott could recall his old form if he signs with the right NFL team

There was a time when Ezekiel Elliott was a star in his own right, a reason why the 27-year-old feels he is starting player material who deserves a lucrative contract.

Unfortunately for him, those days may have already passed.

Now, he needs to lower his expectations a bit, assuming he still wants to continue playing competitive football.

One person who believes Elliott must realize these things is new Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back coach Skip Peete.

Peete spent three seasons doing the same for the Dallas Cowboys, someone who was able to work with the three-time Pro Bowler.

"I think that's part of the reason he's sitting out there," Peete stated in a report by the Tampa Bay Times.

"If you're going to play, I mean, you're going to be the second and third guy. That's kind of what the price is. So, that's something that a person has to be able to see that that is what it is going to be."

Elliott was released by the Cowboys in March with his efficiency continuing to drop, according to a report from DallasCowboys.com.

With Tony Pollard rising to the occasion, Elliott's only option with the Cowboys was to accept a lesser role.

The Illinois native was hesitant to take on such a role, something that pundits feel has put him in a spot.

Regardless of his dwindling stock, there is no doubt that Elliott is still a player who could be of use to a team in need of shoring up its backfield.

Moreover, his numbers last season can attest to this.

Last NFL season, Elliott rushed for 876 yards and 12 touchdowns in his 15 games.

There is no doubt that despite the drop in numbers, he could be of help or even thrive if he can hook up with the right NFL team.

"I think Zeke is still a good, quality running back," Pete said. "He's playing 50% of the snaps, so your numbers are not the same, that's natural."

"But he still scored 12 touchdowns. He still caught the ball well. He still had numerous third-and-1, and short and goal-line places where he helped us win games. He's still a physical load."

Ezekiel Elliott Dallas Cowboys
Ezekiel Elliott may have to lower his demands if he still wants to play NFL ball. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images