A former manager of Finish Line, an athletic footwear store at the Great Mall, has been accused of secretly videotaping women in the restroom and dressing room on Tuesday.

The defendant David Meyer, 29, is the former manager of Finish Line and has been named in the lawsuit by five current or former female employees, according to KTVU.

According to the lawsuit filed in San Jose, California, the cameras were installed directly across from the restroom and a mirror in the dressing room, which is also used by customers and staffers.

"The hidden video camera device was concealed in the employee restroom opposite the toilet and was positioned on each occasion so that one's full genitalia would be exposed head-on in the face of the camera while standing upright, facing the restroom door," according to the complaint.

One of the plaintiffs, who was minor when she worked at Finish Line, claim that they were captured in various states of undressing and, even in one case, inserting a tampon.

"The videos recorded on the hidden camera were discovered on defendant Meyer's personal computer on or around March 16, 2011," the complaint said.

"In the videos, defendant Meyer is clearly shown adjusting the camera while wearing his Finish Line employee T-shirt," the complaint continues. "Defendant Meyer’s voice is also audible during some of the videos."

Meyer's ex-girlfriend told KTVU that she found videos shot by the cameras downloaded on her computer.

"He's able to videotape the female employees going to the bathroom," she said. "He just said, he's had some issues and that he was trying to work it out, but he had no real explanation."

Attorney Joshua Ezrin, who represents the plaintiffs, said they are suffering from anxiety, insomnia, a fear of public restrooms and other consequences.

Because of those negative effects caused by Finish Line and Meyer, the plaintiffs are seeking punitive damages from the store and Meyer who "fled the state of California when the video recordings were discovered, and is currently residing in Indianapolis," according to the complaint.

The plaintiffs were aged between 16 and 19, when the scandal broke out one and half years ago.

"It does involve young women changing in the customer change room and using the restroom," Ezrin said.

Meanwhile, Finish line has issued a statement, distancing itself from its former manager, saying that it's cooperating with law enforcement, but "the allegations in this lawsuit describe a situation isolated to an ex-employee whose alleged actions were neither known to nor in any way condoned by the company."

So far Meyer hasn't been arrested or charged. He is at large and but his ex-girlfriend wants him brought to justice.

"These poor girls were violated," she said.