• The alligator is seen charging energetically
  • The crocodile further chases the man as he tries to get out of its way
  • The clip was posted by Gatorland on its Facebook page

Of all the scary surprises people expect while coming in contact with animals, a charging crocodile is perhaps one of the worst.

Crocodiles are mostly visualized as lazy creatures living in water bodies, only peeking out from time to time to catch a prey. However, it looks like things may go out of hand when they are energized, a viral video confirmed.

The short clip, posted by Gatorland, an alligator park in Orlando, Florida, on Facebook on Aug. 18, shows a ferocious crocodile at the nature reserve chasing a man inside an enclosure. The man can be seen trying to turn a curve in order to save his life from the scary creature. Meanwhile, the visitors at the park watched the man with bated breath.

"CHAINSAW IN ACTION. Our Amazing Cuban Crocodile" read the description.

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The spine-chilling spectacle has shocked social media users. Many Facebook users took to the comments section to point out it was the first time they saw a crocodile running.

"I've never seen croc or alligator run like that. WTH!" one user wrote in the comment.

"I've never seen a croc jump and run at the same time! That's gonna be a no for me bro lol," wrote another.

"I didn't think they ran like that, thought it was more of a 'waddle' than a run. Slow motion really shows it well," wrote a third person. "Did not realize they hopped like frogs!! I thought they ran alternating legs!"

It was not clear why the crocodile was chasing the man or how he got into the enclosure.

Gatorland Orlando, which spans 110 acres, is home to thousands of gators. Open to visitors, it also has an aviary, a breeding marsh, and a petting zoo, according to the Facebook page of the theme park.

In another video that went viral in February 2021, a massive crocodile was seen emerging from the water and devouring a small shark at a Far North Queensland beach, Australia. The video showed the beast sneakily swimming underwater at the beach and then slowly leaping out. All of a sudden, the reptile appears in whole, grabs the shark in its jaws, and vanishes into the sea with it.

representational image pixabay