Taylor Wimberly, former owner of the Android And Me blog, released an image he said gave a detailed look at the components that make up the Moto X. Taylor Wimberly / Google+

Motorola will officially unveil the Moto X phone today at an event in New York City, but the company will not live stream the announcement. Several features and specifications of the Moto X have already leaked out, and Motorola is expected to announce a release date at today’s event.

Update: Motorola has officially unveiled the Moto X earlier than we had expected. Read all about the new Moto X phone by clicking here.

As we said, Google and Motorola will not live stream today's Moto X event, as they are marketing the night as a personal, hands-on "introduction" to the Moto X vs. the brightly-lit on-stage events common in the electronics industry. The late Steve Jobs famously used the method to introduce new Apple products.

But when is today's Moto X event? Motorola invited select members of the press as well as a few followers on Twitter (who were able to acquire tickets through a scavenger hunt promotion) to an “introduction” to the Moto X throughout the event, which it said will last during the day until 1 a.m. EDT. A representative from Motorola said on Twitter that the Moto X event "will not have a livestream available" but the company "will be live-tweeting so you can follow along."

Mobile device leaker "@evleaks" has released what it says is the final press shot of the Moto X phone, in white and black. @evleaks

The Moto X will be one of the first smartphones developed and released by Motorola since it was acquired by Google (NASDAQ:GOOG). Motorola has been dropping clues about the Moto X event on Twitter, alluding to the phone’s customization features – the Moto X’s backplate will be customizable with different colors as well as several different materials, rumored to include wood in addition to plastic, fabric and ceramic.

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside also discussed the Moto X in May, saying the phone built by Google and Motorola would help solve the “huge problem of battery life” and also contain multiple processors and sensors to make it “contextually aware.” The Moto X is expected to have many of the new features introduced to the Droid Ultra lineup, which includes “Mini” and “Maxx” iterations, such as voice control that is completely hands free because it is always on. While the new Droid devices are exclusive to Verizon Wireless subscribers, the Moto X will be more “widely distributed,” Woodside said.

The Moto X will have more than one processor, according to Motorola’s chief executive, and is expected to also contain the Motorola X8 Computing System. The Motorola X8 consists of a dual-core processor for main tasks, in addition to a quad-core graphics processor (GPU) and two other processing cores. With the addition of a low-power processing core dedicated to voice control, phones that contain the Motorola X8 will be able to always listen for specific voice commands while draining less battery power.

The Moto X camera’s specifications also were leaked, and the phone is expected to have a 10-megapixel main camera in addition to a 2-megapixel front-facing shooter. The Moto X camera will also turn on with a hands-free gesture -- two quick flicks of the wrist unlock the screen and prepare the phone for picture-taking, according to a promotional video that was released for Canadian carrier Rogers Wireless.

Full and official details of the Moto X's specs and release date (rumored to be in mid-August) will be revealed sometime today. Are you looking forward to today's event hosted by Google and Motorola? What are you hoping to see from the Moto X? And don't forget, there's no live stream option, so be sure to follow online and on Twitter for Moto X updates -- and let us know what you think of the first phone from Google and Motorola in the comments section below.

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