A Reddit user found himself in a tight spot after telling the internet about how he invited his guy friends to his honeymoon. Not only did he witness his to-be-wife’s rage, but he also saw the internet slam him for what he thought was a great idea.

The groom, who shared the incident on Reddit under the name Due-Understanding536, said he was getting married in seven months and had plans of taking a honeymoon trip with his partner a week after they exchange their vows. He also revealed that the destination they chose for their once-in-a-lifetime trip was a place he and his friends always wanted to visit, according to 9Honey.

When he later spoke to his friends about his honeymoon plans, the groom said he could see how badly they also wanted to visit their "dream destination."

“...They said how jealous they are and how they wish they could also go,” he wrote on Reddit. “I told them that we could consider the idea of making this a friend inclusive honeymoon and they were very excited with the idea.”

The groom went on to talk about how he always wanted to plan a trip with his friends to that particular destination but never saw it happen because of their conflicting schedules. However, the man felt his friends could now align their vacation days to match the dates of his honeymoon trip with his bride.

“I thought this was a great chance,” he said. But his fiancée vehemently disagreed.

“I announced it to my fiancée the other day and I thought she'd find it a cool idea but she got completely mad at me and started crying and telling me how much of an inconsiderate AH I am,” the man shared. “I tried to explain to her I didn't do it with malice I simply thought it would be a good chance for the guys to experience it and I even told her she can tell some of her own friends if they want to join.”

His fiancée told him he was “ridiculous” for thinking it was a good idea to let “the guys” join them on what is supposed to be a romantic getaway, reserved for just the two of them.

“She felt horrible because I'm inconsiderate because I made my honeymoon into a friendship trip when it's supposed to be about us two,” he added.

The man said his fiancée thought he was “an even bigger AH” for talking about the idea with his friends before even asking her if she was on board with it. “Honestly I think she's right on that part,” he admitted.

Reddit users had plenty to say after reading the man’s post.

"I'd be reconsidering the whole marriage at this point … Fix this immediately and apologize if you want any chance of saving your marriage before it starts,” said tantrumps_, while Mabelisms commented, “I don’t think you actually understand what marriage is.”

“A honeymoon and a ‘boys trip’ are two different things. I can't believe you would actually think it was okay to tell your friends they could come on your honeymoon, especially without talking to your partner first,” GlitterSparkleDevine said.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay