Harold Camping is seen reading the Bible in his office at Family Stations Inc. offices in Oakland, California in this still image from video
Harold Camping is seen reading the Bible in his office at Family Stations Inc. offices in Oakland, California in this still image from video May 16, 2011. Reuters

Not once, not twice, but this is the third time that Harold Camping, the 90-year-old evangelistic radio broadcaster, has gone wrong again in his prophecy of the world coming to an end!

His first prediction was that the catastrophe would occur in 1994, but he later claimed a miscalculation was made and that the true Day of Judgment would occur on May 21, 2011, when God would supposedly take 200 million Christians to heaven. But then unfortunately (rather fortunately), the May 21 prophecy too went wrong. After that, Harold Camping emerged from a brief seclusion to say he had merely miscalculated by five months, and he pronounced a new Judgment Day, Oct. 21.

The very next month, after his May 21 prophecy went wrong, the former civil engineer was reportedly hospitalized for a stroke. Since then, he has been keeping away from the public eye and his daily radio program, Open Forum, broadcast on more than 60 U.S. stations has been canceled.

Once again, the universe proved Camping wrong (very evident from the fact that you are reading this article right now); the media is having a tough time trying to get Camping or anyone from Family Radio to explain or comment on the third prediction gone wrong.

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but we at Family Radio have been directed to not talk to the media or the press, Camping's daughter Susan Espinoza wrote to the AP on Friday.

Before the supposed end of the world, on Oct. 21, the preacher declined to comment on anything.

We're not having a conversation, he told Reuters. There's nothing to report here.

Ahead of May 21, thousands of his followers had spread the word in their hometowns and even quit their jobs to set out on caravans that crisscrossed the country. The network also spent millions on 5,000 billboards around the world warning of the coming Apocalypse.

At that time, a huge amount of money was spent by his supporters, and a man from New York City said he spent his life savings on advertisements notifying his fellow citizens that the apocalypse was near.

This time around, there was no such fanfare, probably because the people have grown weary of trusting a man who is now 0 for 3 when it comes to anticipating the Doomsday.

Not only have people lost trust in the man and his prophecy, but also they are ridiculing him on social networks and asking him to stop giving unrealistic predictions and retire.

Harold Camping could u pls sit down & quiet ur self?! tweeted user MsTangier. Ur giving Christians a bad rap w/ the world. U don't know when the world will end!

Harold Camping should call it quits now, tweeted tom_trevarrow, reported Christian Post.

Can u imagine if a super-volcano exploded today ... we'd never hear the end of it ... well, those of us still alive - # Harold Camping, posted user cruiseunplugged.

Does anyone know what time the world ends today? asked nickcarroll. Harold Camping hasn't said, and I'm wondering whether to make plans for dinner or not.

Harold Camping has completely disappeared from the public eye, and we wonder what explanation he might have for this one going wrong.