• President Biden wears a mask out of habit despite the latest guidelines
  • The president wore a covering as he gave speeches the past week
  • New guidelines say people fully vaccinated people do not have to wear a mask outdoors

One of President Joe Biden’s top White House advisers on Sunday revealed why the POTUS still wears a face mask outdoors despite the latest guidance that says he doesn't have to.

Senior adviser Anita Dunn appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” where she said the president, who is fully vaccinated for COVID-19, still wears a mask outdoors out of habit and as an extra precaution.

“I myself found that I was still wearing my mask outdoors this week because it has become such a matter of habit. I think the president takes the CDC guidelines very seriously. And he’s always taken his role as sending a signal to follow the science very seriously as well,” Dunn said.

“We do take some extra precautions for him because he is the president of the United States. But I would say that people should follow the CDC guidelines, and they should take advantage of getting the vaccine, getting fully vaccinated, and taking that mask off, particularly as the weather grows so beautiful and we all want to be outside,” she added.

Biden continued to wear a face mask outdoors as he gave speeches last week, including one at the White House lawn on Tuesday where he announced the CDC’s new mask guidance.

Under the new guidelines, fully vaccinated people can now attend small outdoor gatherings or dine outside with friends from multiple households without a mask. However, unvaccinated people would still need to wear face coverings at such gatherings.

"If you are fully vaccinated and want to attend a small outdoor gathering with people who are vaccinated and unvaccinated, or dine at an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple households, the science shows if you are vaccinated, you can do so safely unmasked," CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said.

People are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving the final shot of the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Friday, the Transportation Security Admission said it will continue to require face coverings at airports, commercial flights and other public transportation across the United States until Sept. 13.

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