Instagram, Pinterest and Netflix were among the casualties of a powerful storm in Virginia as the social media and streaming companies took to Twitter to update users on the status of their services. Why were Instagram, Pinterest and Netflix down?

The three companies use Amazon's Web services division for their services, according to the Associated Press.

A portion of Amazon's Web services division is based in northern Virginia, which was hit hard by wind gusts of up to 80 miles an hour Friday night. The storm is blamed for 10 deaths along the East Coast, according to CBS News.

Most of Amazon's web services are back up and running. You can view their status here.

Netflix and Pinterest both resolved their issues, while Instagram is spotty for some users. Instagram also said no data was lost due to the storm.

With the three companies' websites and services down, they used Twitter to inform users why Instagram, Netflix and Pinterest weren't working.

We're sorry for the outage and working to get your Friday streaming back to normal as quickly as possible. Thank you for bearing with us, Netflix messaged from its Twitter account early Saturday morning.

The DVD and video streaming company returned to the micro-blogging site three hours later to inform customers it worked out the storm-realted issues.

Everyone should be back up shortly, if you aren't already, Netflix said. Thanks again for being patient. And awesome.

Around the same time as Netflix's initial tweet, Pinterest notified its users of the trouble it was experiencing.

Pinterest is currently unavailable due to server outages. Our goal is to be back up by 10:30PM PST. Thanks for your patience! the company wrote last night.

Pinterest followed up the message with a restoration of service notification.

We're back! Our team is continuing to work on some remaining issues that may impact performance. Thanks for your patience and happy pinning! the company said.

Instagram was first to respond to the storm's impact, although some users are still reporting problems with the photo-sharing service.

We're currently experiencing technical difficulties, and we're working to correct the issues, the Instagram Support Twitter account wrote. Thanks for your patience.

On Saturday afternoon the company explained why it was experiencing those difficulties.

Due to severe electrical storms, our host had a power outage, no data is lost -- we've been working through the night to restore service, the company explained.

Instagram's lack of service led to My Instagram becoming a trending topic Saturday on Twitter.

The most popular tweet on the topic came from Twitter user @BraeaChris.

my instagram is instaTrippin, she wrote. The tweet has been retweeted over 10,000 times.

The service, which Facebook announced it would buy in April for $1 billion, became popular for its use of filters that change the way a photo can look.

I don't know about y'all but my instagram is royally screwed up #annoying, tweeted user Clay Turner.

My Instagram still isn't fully working... I should write a letter #firstworldproblems I feel empty right now, wrote user @dezideitch.

A number of Twitter users mocked Instagram users who like to share photos of their meals.

Don't over load my instagram people .. If u ate it yesterday it's leftover just forget bout it.. New day.., wrote user @MsMyaG.

Okay so my instagram is still down. What am I supposed to do with my food? Eat it? asked user Mahaim Saud.