Apple's most recent update, iOS 5.1, allows users to access their camera app via the slide to unlock home screen. This allows owners to snap photos almost instantaneously, but with the improvement comes possible risks.

The new feature provides a way to bypass one's password and access their information. When the camera app is launched from the home screen, no pass code is required. This means that users should be attentive to their device and be aware of what photos they store on their phone.

When the app is closed, users press the sleep/wake button to lock the screen again, or slide the lock screen down in order to password protect it. This is an extra step that iPhone owners now have to remember after using their camera app.

Although the new layout has received positive feedback from most, some expressed distaste for the new home screen.

Don't like the fact on the new iPhone update they've put the camera bit next to the 'slide to unlock.' It doesn't look right, one user posted on Twitter.

I don't like this new iPhone software. There's a camera icon on my lock screen, tweeted another.

Another user acknowledged the issue of security with the camera accessibility on the home screen.

Not a huge fan of the new iPhone update. Don't like how you can access the camera when the phone is locked, the user wrote on Twitter.

However, according to technology security blog Attack Computer Wiz, the users themselves are to blame, not the company's new software.

It is a failure on the user's part to properly set security timeouts on their device, wrote blogger John Mike Wright.

Wright addressed the security issue directly, emphasizing that those with the new operating system need to make sure they set proper pass codes on their device. He suggested that iPhone owners set their timeout to immediate rather than one minute, or any other lapse of time.

Well, the fact is, the device was never locked, he wrote. The screen was only turned off. This is not an Apple failure this is a user failure!