The iWallet: Apple's Secret Weapon For the iPhone 5
Apple hopes its iWallet technology will kill off the physical wallet once and for all. We may get a glimpse of the technology whenever Apple decides to release the iPhone 5S this year. Reuters

Although fans are anticipating the new Apple iPad that hits stores tomorrow, the electronics company may have another surprise to unveil in the near future. An unnamed Samsung official said that Apple will be obtaining parts from the Korean company for various devices in 2012, according to The Korea Times.

The iPad manufacturing company is likely to spend a record number of $11 billion on components for its new projects, said the official to the Korean newspaper.

The contract is expected to rise to $11 billion by the end of this year as Apple is planning to release a smaller iPad, probably with a 7.85-inch screen, and to sell more of its MacBook Air PCs using Samsung's faster solid state drive storage, the Samsung employee said.

Apple CEO Tim Cook agreed to use Samsung parts until the end of 2014, when the company's Chief Operating Officer Lee Jay-yong visited Cook's office in Cupertino, Calif., last year.

In addition to this unconfirmed mini tablet, Apple is expected to release the next generation iPhone sometime later this year. No official release date has been announced, but various rumors speculate either a summer release date in June/July or an autumn launch in September/October.

This could prove troublesome for current iPhone 4S owners, especially those on a Verizon contract. Apple's Siri-enabled smartphone debuted this past October, leaving service contracts with a decent chunk of time before expiration.

But if Apple is brainstorming a plan to dazzle fans, the company may consider releasing the mini iPad with the iPhone 5. The company's recent unveiling announcement left some fans disappointed, with a lack of groundbreaking new features.

The 'resolutionary' new iPad has nothing revolutionary, but just a look at how the supposedly 'disappointing' iPhone 4S performed, wrote investment publication Seeking Alpha's James Roberts. There's nothing to stop the new iPad being a replay of that incredible sales performance.

Roberts also pointed out that without a distinguishable name, the tablet could be difficult to market. At the unveiling event, the device was simply referred to as the new iPad, despite speculations that it would be titled the iPad 3 or iPad HD. However, that didn't stop fans from rushing in record-breaking pre-orders.

Since Apple's most recent launch event was deemed lackluster by some, a dual release could provide a shocking surprise for fans.