Isabel Celis
Police haven’t revealed what it is, but a clue towards the whereabouts of a missing Arizona girl was found by FBI dogs on Monday. Facebook

Police haven't revealed what it is, but a clue towards the whereabouts of a missing Arizona girl was found by FBI dogs on Monday, ABC News Reported.

Isabel Mercedes Celis, a 6-year-old girl from Tucson, was missing from her bedroom on Saturday morning, according to her parents who said they went in to wake her up and discovered she was gone.

The girl's bedroom window was open and the window cover was found broken, suggesting that it could have been the point of entry, or escape.

We're labeling it as suspicious circumstances and a possible abduction, Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villasenor told CNN.

Police and FBI agents have conducted a widespread search in the area, speaking to neighbors and searching houses.

The girl's parents, Sergio and Becky Celis, were asked to leave their own home with their two sons so the FBI could carry out an extensive search.

Investigators found a clue in the house, but have not yet revealed what it is. Police say it will a hit and will require a follow up.

One observation made by a neighbor in the area was that the Celis's house had many dogs who would always bark at strangers as they approached the house. You can never hear anything but barking, he said.

Girl's Family Cooperating

Isabel's family, who police say are cooperating with the search warrant, made their first public statement on Monday.

We appreciate everyone's interest in finding our daughter, Isabel, and thank all the volunteers who have come out to search for her, the statement said. We love Isabel and will never give up finding her.The girl's parents claim to have last seen her at 11 p.m. when they put her to bed. Her mother, a nurse, was at work when her father realized she has gone missing, CBS News reported.

We're not ruling anything out of the investigation at this point because we really need to keep our mind open about all the information that's been brought to us, Villasenor said.

Police were spotted searching a local landfill shortly after searching the girl's house, suggesting that a murder case has not been ruled out.

We are making sure we are covering everything. It is standard procedure, Villasenor said in a news conference Monday afternoon.

Police are focused on searching a 2.5- to 3-mile radius from the Celis home, but have said they are not limited to this radius and are acting in accordance with the tips they have been receiving, the Tucson News Now reports.

No suspects have been identified in the case. Villasenor says it was too early to say a child predator is involved in this case.

The girl's uncle told ABC News that he is devastated by the disappearance of his sweet little girl. He explained that the family were letting the police do their thing in hope of returning Isabel to her home as soon as possible.


Isabel Celis is 44 inches tall, approximately 44 pounds, with light brown hair and hazel eyes. Her hair was braided when she was last seen and she is missing two of her front teeth. Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts is asked to call: 520-882-7463.

A $6,000 reward for a substantial lead in the search for Isabel has been announced. Susie Dupnik, the executive director for 88-CRIME, says they received nearly 70 tips in the first 24-hours of the girl's disappearance, all of which have been forwarded to the Tucson Police Department for investigation.

Missing Child Stats

Each year, 58,000 children are abducted by strangers and released, according to report from the Associated Press. From that number 115 cases are stereotypical kidnapping where children are held ransom or killed.

Volunteers and friends of the family have posted fliers with photos of the girl in an aim to gain further clues about her whereabouts. Social media outlets are also being used to spread awareness.