James Harden, Philadelphia 76ers
James Harden and his camp could be using the return to Rockets angle as a bluff to get a better contract next NBA season. Michael Reaves/Getty Images


  • James Harden sets the record straight on rumors that he eyes to rejoining the Rockets
  • Critics see a return to the Rockets as a tactic to get higher pay next season
  • Harden reassures that he is content with his run with the 76ers

James Harden has been known to make quirky moves, but seeing how the Philadelphia 76ers are rolling, it would be hard to see the 2018 NBA Most Valuable Players jump ship now.

These allegations came moments after the Sixers won over the New York Knicks, 119-112, with Harden finishing with 29 points and 13 rebounds, just behind Joel Embiid who had 35 points and eight rebounds.

At 20-12, there is no doubt that Harden is in a better team compared to others, specifically the Houston Rockets.

Hence, it comes as a surprise not only for "The Beard" and basketball pundits why the ten-time All-Star would consider a return to the Rockets.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, sources claimed that Harden is seriously considering a return to Houston as this is if he decides against a new deal with the Sixers.

It was added in the report that the camp of Harden has been weighing in on possibly moving back to the Rockets.

This is even though the 33-year-old had requested and received a trade out of the franchise less than two years ago.

When he caught word of this, the third overall pick of the 2009 NBA Draft was a bit surprised and said that he is happy playing with Philly right now who continues to get better by the day.

"I'm here, we're playing very well and I don't know where that report came from," Harden said. "But I'm excited to be here and we're playing well and we're continuing to get better."

It will be recalled that Harden opted out of the $47.4 million deal, giving the Sixers more cap space to sign players like Danuel House and P.J. Tucker.

He ended up signing for just $33 million this 2022-23 NBA season.

Harden is set to become a free agent in July, a point where he can ask for more money.

But joining a rebuilding team like the Rockets may not make sense unless Houston is willing to make a big splurge on their former player.

Harden and company may be using this as a way to get more money.

Other than that, it would be awkward to think that Harden would return to a team in rebuild mode with a focus vested in young players like Jalen Green, Kevin Porter Jr. and Jabari Smith Jr.

James Harden
James Harden seemed surprise at claims that a return to the Houston Rockets was among his plans after the current NBA season. Getty Images/Mitchell Leff