Unfortunately it's not a rare occurrence with celebrities, but professional WWE wrestler John Cena announced that he was getting a divorce from his wife Elizabeth Huberdeau back in May . Their divorce has been played out in the media as an all-out war, as MSN reported, but the two have now amicably settled.

According to sources, the WWE and Raw wrestling star and his estranged wife have come to a truce and for now all matters are settled, a Wednesday update by TMZ revealed.

The couple was married for three years and signed a prenuptial agreement.

When Cena announced that he wanted to get a divorce, Huberdeau was allegedly blindsided.

It happened in a similar way as Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise -- Holmes filed to divorce from Cruise and he didn't even see it coming.

Cena claimed in May that their marriage was irretrievably broken.

Cena's soon-to-be-ex-wife didn't take the news as well as Cruise, as far as staying out of the media goes, TMZ reported.  Huberdeau challenged their prenuptial agreement by saying Cena had been seeing other women behind her back.

But the weeks since being hit with divorce papers must have been enough for Huberdeau's shock to wear off, because she is allegedly recanting the cheating allegations.

Her attorney Raymond Rafool explained to TMZ that the couple were able to work everything out in private.

He said to the celebrity gossip site, All matters have been settled and resolved amicably.

All the terms of the settlement have been kept confidential, TMZ said, and Cena's representatives have not commented on the matter.

@CenaApproved commented on Cena's divorce via Twitter, Im happy everything is resolved & im glad they made it confidental! John Cena -- Makes Peace in Divorce War

@WWEKatieVick tweeted, '@PWMania: John Cena & Elizabeth Huberdeau Reach Divorce Agreement' She got the briefcase, guys! CM Punk vs Elizabeth Huberdeau at #RAW1000!

Are you surprised that Cena and Huberdeau were able to settle so quickly?