Katy Perry and Russell Brand's divorce rocked Tinseltown Friday as many considered the couple a perfect match. However shocking the news might have been to some, others saw it coming. The two had been photographed 7,000 miles apart on Christmas - Perry in Hawaii with friends and Brand in England. Brand cited irreconcilable differences and released a statement on the split: Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I'll always adore her and I know we'll remain friends.

Now, as details about their marriage leak, it seems that the pop sensation and her comedian hubby did not have a prenuptial agreement when they got married just 14 months ago in India. Because of this, and California law, Brand could make $20 million off the split. Under California law, with no prenup, couples must split their earnings 50/50, according to ABC News. Forbes listed Perry's net-worth at $44 million. Brand's is estimated to be worth $15 million.

Despite the fact that her marriage is over and she might be out half her fortune, Perry was all smiles on New Year's Eve. The New York Post reported that the Firework singer partied at the Soho House in West Hollywood and was seen flirting with a mystery man. She spent the night dancing and laughing with friends.

Katy was in a private room with a group and she seemed to be in a great mood. She spent most of the night dancing and laughing with friends, a source told The Post's Page Six. One wouldn't have ever even known that her husband had just filed for divorce. At one point, she was talking to a guy with long hair down to his shoulders in the hallway. They were talking for a while. She was smiling and leaning up against a wall.

During the evening a guest went up to her and thanked her for her song after the DJ played 'Friday Night,' and she said, 'Wow, thank you - that makes me so happy,' said the source, adding, After midnight Katy and a male friend got on the dance floor, twirling each other around and dancing holding hands. She looked like she was having a great time.

Two reasons behind the split have emerged since Brand announced the divorce. One version rooted back to Perry's partying ways. According to reports by The Daily Mail, Brand was sick of Perry's social lifestyle. Brand is a recovering drug and sex addict and has been irked by the pop star's jet-setting ways, including trips to Rio and hanging out with wild friends like Rihanna.

Sources claim that Brand asked Perry to tone it down a few months ago but she did not listen. Some have speculated even further that Perry was blindsided by the split and that Brand filed the papers without telling her.

Another version of the story states that Perry and Brand simply grew apart and that Perry asked Brand to file the divorce papers so as to not upset her conservative, evangelical parents.

Some felt that the split was inevitable. From the get-go, I thought they were a sort of odd, mismatched pair, David Caplan, a celebrity-news editor who has worked at People and Star, told MTV News. She's so glamorous, pop and sexy, and he is diametrically not like that. He's a nice and funny guy, and from my encounters with her, I found her to be funny, have a sarcastic edge and a blast, but they weren't a match. Plus, she's more of a partier than he now, so their lifestyles were at odds.

Katy and Russell's split is not a surprise, Caplan said. It's one of those celeb splits where the writing was on the wall for months, so much so that they denied any marital trouble on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' several weeks ago, which is uncommon for celebs to acknowledge tabloids reports.

But then came news this week that they had a big blowup and spent Christmas apart, he added. Very far apart - she in Hawaii, and he in London. You don't get much farther apart! Plus, in between 'Ellen' and Christmas, there were multiple reports of them on the rocks. And unlike so many other rumblings about celeb couples on the skids, this was totally true, and they clearly decided not to keep it a secret and just put on a happy front.