Ken Konias
Ken Konias, a suspect in an armored car heist, was arrested at a crack house in Florida thanks to a tip off from a pimp and his prostitute girlfriend. Reuters

Ken Konias, a suspect in an armored car heist, was arrested at at an alleged crack house in Florida thanks to a tip off from a pimp and his prostitute girlfriend.

Konias, 22 was working as an armored car driver for Garda Cash Logistics when he killed his partner Michael Haines and stole $2.3 million nearly two months ago.

Konias eluded capture for nearly eight weeks before police received a tip from a residence in Pompano Beach.

He was arrested around midnight at a supposed crack house, though tenants deny the residence was so. They did reveal Konias did use cocaine, reported CBS Pittsburgh.

Officers say he was bragging about his crime to people at the house when one of them called the police.

He was supposed to be leaving off to Jamaica, I think, in less than four days, maybe, said Diana Smith, a resident of the house to CBS Pittsburgh. Very soon. We were oblivious that he had killed anyone or shot anyone, taken any money. We didn't know anything about that. He was a friend of mine's boyfriend. So that's how he ended up in our home.

Konias told residents of the home that he had gotten into a fight with his friends. Smith said Konias stayed in his room for the duration of his stay.

Special Agent Michael Rodriguez, in charge of the FBI's Pittsburgh office, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that police found two firearms on the premises and $1.3 million and $1.5 million in cash split between the residence and a storage locker.

Authorities had already recovered about $275,000 of $2.3 million he originally stole before his arrest. $250,000 was found under a car near his parents' home and $24,000 was found at the grave of a family member, reported the Associated Press.

Rodriguez did not identify who came clean, but he speculated the tipster may have made admissions that he was remorseful about some of his actions to someone.

Reports reveal that the tipster was none other than a pimp at the crack house. His prostitute girlfriend had been smoking crack with Konias for several hours.

Sources say Konias revealed his crime to the prostitute, who later called her pimp boyfriend and told him the details. The pimp Googled Konias' name and, after discovering who he was, then called the police.

Police say Konias has been cooperative throughout his capture. He appeared in federal court Wednesday and waived his right to a detention hearing.

He is being held in the Broward County Jail in Florida. It may take up to a month for him to return to Pittsburgh to face his charges.

Konias will be charged with state and federal charges. He is facing counts of homicide, theft, and robbery on the state level. He violated the federal Hobbs Act for robbery because he disturbed interstate commerce and used a firearm in a violent crime, reported the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Haines' family said they were looking forward to a resolution to the case.

They absolutely had not given up hope, said the Haines' family attorney John Bacharach to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. They were obviously confident he would be captured, it was just a matter of time.

Having Mr. Konias out and about what's not good for them, he said. This helps.

Konias' family did not release a statement about their son's arrest. Their attorney, Charles LoPresti said his parents are anxious to speak to their son, which I expect in time will occur, he said to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

I can tell you that the parents are both relieved that he's now in custody, that the search is over for him, and they want the wheels of justice to turn fairly, he said to the Associated Press. Konias' parents asked him to surrender on a Pittsburgh TV station on March 21.

They're very relieved that nobody, including their own son, is in danger now that the search is done, LoPresti said.

Garda Cash Logistics offered a $100,000 reward for any information that may lead to the conviction and arrest of Konias. The money has not be rewarded as of yet.

Garda Cash Logistics released a statement that said the company extends its sincere appreciation to law enforcement and all involved in the investigative process leading to the arrest of the suspect. We are continuing to provide our full cooperation.

Konias was on the FBI's most wanted list. He was featured in a March episode of 'America's Most Wanted.'