S.E. Cupp, conservative commentator and columnist for The New York Daily News, found the lewd, doctored photo of her published in Hustler disgusting. 

Hustler's publisher, Larry Flynt, offered a second response in regard to a lewd photo of conservative commentator S.E. Cupp published in his raunchy men's magazine. But Flynt's defense of that's satire did not sit well with the ladies of The View, who took offense to the misogynistic and graphic digitally-altered photo.

The Blaze first reported Wednesday that a fake photo of S.E. Cupp, doctored to make it appear as if Cupp had a penis in her mouth, was published in the raunchy men's magazine. The photo appears next to the headline Celebrity Fantasy with the caption What Would S.E. Cupp Look Like With A D--- In Her Mouth?

Larry Flynt first responded to The Blaze, saying: That's satire. I'm able to publish this because of the Supreme Court case I won in 1984, Flynt v. Falwell.

Flynt v. Falwell was a 1988 case wherein the U.S. SupremeCourt decided that the First Amendment protects parodies of public figures as long as they cannot reasonably be perceived as legitimate. Hustler had published an article in 1983 claiming Rev. Jerry Falwell had engaged in a drunken sexual encounter with his mother. The case was decided 8-0.

On Thursday, Flynt responded again, this time talking to The Daily Beast.

As the result of our publishing an ad parody of political pundit S.E. Cupp that depicted her having oral sex, the prudish and delusional right wing has accused me and my magazine of being sexist and waging a war on women, Flynt told The Daily Beast. That's absurd. The picture was clearly labeled as satire. It was intended as humorous commentary about her politics. We stated that no such image of Ms. Cupp actually exists. Secondly, the feature, which we run every month, has previously depicted such male luminaries as Mario Cuomo, Dan Rather and, most recently, my friend Bill Maher. How misogynistic or sexist is that?

So critics, get a life, he continued. Find another horse to beat. We don't know anything about Ms. Cupp's personal life, but we do know that oral sex is practiced by the majority of adult Americans, both male and female. The fact that the picture of Ms. Cupp has generated so much flap says more about the sexual repression of the American people than it does anything else. Oral sex is a normal and healthy practice.

But the five hosts of ABC's The View, only one of whom is a vocal conservative, defended S.E. Cupp and criticized Larry Flynt for the offensive and disgusting image published in Hustler. Cupp, a columnist for The New York Daily News, is a friend of 'The View.' She sat in the audience during Thrusday's show.

Whether you're conservative or a Democrat, this is not OK, host and actress Whoopi Goldberg said on Thursday's show. This is offensive. This is not the dialogue that we have when we disagree.

It's not funny in any way. It's offensive and horrifying and we're sorry that they did, added co-host Joy Behar. We know her for years. I love her. She's a darling girl and this is just disgusting.

S.E. Cupp offered her reaction to the Hustler photo.

I was horrified, said Cupp. It was disgusting and, even though I didn't actually do that, by the end of the day I felt ashamed, as if I had. And knowing that this photo will be out there forever, my children will see it if I have them one day, it's sad.

In her first response to The Blaze, Cupp balked at the chance any feminist organizations would come to her defense. The National Organization for Women, NOW, will not come out and say liberal women deserve more respect than conservative women and we are not going to defend conservative women. They're not going to admit to that but let me tell you that is exactly how they feel, she told the website.

She paralleled her issue with Hustler to that of Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law student who radio personality Rush Limbaugh called a slut during a conversation about contraceptive mandates in the Obama healthcare plan. NOW spoke out in defense of Fluke.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a strident conservative and Republican Party backer, said that she attempted to reach out to NOW, but had not heard back from the organization.

I actually called the National Organization for Women today or shall I say, because they couldn't answer the phone and have yet to make a statement on this, the National Organization of Some Women, and, yet to get a response from them when they have jumped on other cases, said Hasselbeck. 

Cupp said that she herself had received support from Fluke as well as from Planned Parenthood.

She said that she has no plans to sue Flynt or Hustler because of free speech.