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Lauren Myracle, a popular young adult author whose works include Kissing Kate and the Internet Girls trilogy, was asked to withdraw her nomination from the National Book Awards after the National Book Foundation (NBF) said they had nominated her by mistake, The Associated Press reported.

The NBF chalked up the mistake to a miscommunication with judges, The AP reported.

Fans took to Twitter to express their outrage.

Tweeted one fan: What the hell, National Book Awards? Seriously. What. The. Hell.

Myracle's book Shine received the accidental nomination. The novel, which came out in May, is about a 16-year-old girl who tries to figure out who beat up her guy friend, who is gay.

Myracle's book, according to the NBF, was mistaken for Franny Billingsley's young adult novel Chime, The AP reported.

Chime is about a young witch who must lie about her identity to protect her family.

I was over the moon last week after receiving the call telling me that 'Shine' was a finalist for the award, Myracle said in a statement through her publisher, The AP reported. I was later informed that 'Shine' had been included in error, but would remain on the list based on its merits. However, on Friday I was asked to withdraw by the National Book Foundation to preserve the integrity of the award and the judges' work, and I have agreed to do so.

Some fans looked on the positive side of the withdrawal.

Her book may get more attention for this, one person tweeted.

Indeed, in some cases, it may have helped.

SHINE by Lauren Myracle was on my must read list, a fan tweeted. After NBA debacle, it has been moved to the top.