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Riot Games, developer of "League of Legends," has revealed the newest sale on champions and skins. The sale will start tomorrow and run through Friday. Here's a rundown on the latest discounts, starting with champions.

Fiora, melee fighter, 487 RP

Ezreal, ranged fighter, 440 RP

Nasus, melee fighter, 292 RP

Of the three champions that will get price cuts, we suspect that Ezreal will be the warrior that's most sought after, due to his ability to escape danger with his E, poke (namely with his Q and E) and carry a team. His global ultimate doesn't hurt his appeal either.

Fiora is too squishy for our tastes and Nasus is best suited for Summoner's Rift or Twisted Treeline, where he'll be guaranteed opportunities to level up his Q (unless he's jungling). That's not exactly the case in ARAM or Dominion. Ezreal can succeed on any map, which is another reason why we think he's the best buy during this upcoming sale.

Here are the skins that Riot will be selling at lower rates starting tomorrow.

Dark Crystal Ryze, 487 RP

Dark Crystal Ryze
Dark Crystal Ryze http://na.leagueoflegends.com/news/champion-skin-sale-716-719

Bilgewater Katarina 487 RP

Bilgewater Katarina
Bilgewater Katarina http://na.leagueoflegends.com/news/champion-skin-sale-716-719

Forsaken Olaf 260 RP

Forsaken Olaf
Forsaken Olaf http://na.leagueoflegends.com/news/champion-skin-sale-716-719

The amount of detail that went into Dark Crystal Ryze is awesome, with the black horn on his head and reddish skin being our favorite features. Forsaken Olaf looks pretty intimidating though, and at 260 RP, is our favorite offering among the three skins that will go on sale starting tomorrow. For a skin like Forsaken Olaf, 260 RP is a pretty good deal. There's nothing wrong with Bilgewater Katarina, she just takes a backseat to these other skins.

What do you think of the latest "League of Legends" champion and skin sale? Which champions and skins do you plan to buy and why? Which champions and skins do you want to see go on sale? Sound off in the comments below.