LG Electronics has announced its alliance with Google to launch its own Google TV.

LG is the latest entry to Google's ambitious internet TV alliance, which includes Samsung, Sony and Vizio. The company will be showcasing its Google TV in the International Consumer Electronic Show-2012 to be held at Las Vegas between Jan 10 and 3.

In a press release, LG has said that the new TV will be a hybrid one that combines the Google's Android OS and LG's 3D and smart TV technologies.

The company has not specified the size of the TV. However, it is expected to be available in medium and larger (40''-55'') sizes. The TV comes with LG's Magic Remote Qwerty which has small QWERTY pad in addition to the regular remote buttons.

LG has said that the new Google TV is user friendly and allows multitasking, as it is possible to run search, social networking and TV functions simultaneously.

Another important feature is that it uses its own Cinema 3D technology and has a built-in 2D to 3D conversion engine.

LG-Google TV is expected to hit the market, sometime later this year.

According to a Google TV blog post, this is a major step towards expanding Google TV base and bringing in new user friendly Google TV-powered devices to the consumers.

Samsung and Vizio are expected to launch their Google products by next year while Sony has already released its Google TV and set-top boxes.

Google with the new partnerships hopes to boost its TV products. But it is still unclear how it is going to tackle its problems regarding the TV content. Though Google has released its Android OS and encouraged the developers to build applications for the TV, it is struggling to expand its base due to lack of popular content.

Major TV content producers and studios have blocked their content from being accessed by Google TV. This has prevented Google TV from providing quality content. So it cannot be a substitute for regular telecast and cable services but can just complement the regular TV with additional content and features.

If Google don't find a way to convince the content creators to provide their content through Google TV, then any amount of hardware enhancement will serve no actual purpose to consumers or to its partners.

Here is preview video of Google TV: