Uh oh, looks like one of America's "Love Island" couples may on the verge of splitting.

Although only four Islander couples made it to the finale, the show successfully birthed an impressive six romantic connections. Unfortunately, those connections don't always last. Don't worry though, the "Love Island" winners and finalists are all still making it work in the real world. It's the couple America voted off that fans should be concerned about.

During an appearance on "The Morning Toast" on Thursday, fan-favorite couple Dylan and Alexandra spilled the beans on their fellow castmates. The duo confirmed Kyra and Cashel are still together but didn't exactly do the same for Yamen and Aissata.

"Is anyone else from the show [together]?," host Jackie Oshry asked. "Did Yamen go back and then call up Christen [McAllister]?"

"I don't know," Dylan admitted. "I actually don't know."

But the true answer was revealed by Alexandra, who nodded her head excessively up and down.

Alexandra gushed over her love of Christen, but there was never any mention of Aissata, who was coupled-up with Yamen up until their elimination.

Social media doesn't exactly offer up any clues as to who Yamen is pursuing now that he's outside of the villa. If anything, it's actually more confusing. Take this Instagram post Yamen made on Wednesday.

"ISSA CHOCOLATE THING," he captioned the post of himself with Aissata resting her head on his shoulder. The text was followed up with the chocolate bar and flame emojis.

Even more confusing is that Christen left a comment on the photo.

"Get married," she wrote.

So perhaps Yamen just reached out to say "hello." For now, fans have to wait and see what happens with this couple, but in the meantime, keep up with the Islanders on social media.

Yamen and Christen - Love Island
Love Island - Pictured: Yamen Sanders and Christen McAllister. Colin Young-Wolff/CBS Entertainment