Maksim Gelman, the man charged in deadly rampage that spanned two boroughs, pleaded guilty to four counts of murder as well as other charges.

Gelman's lawyer, Edward Friedman, said that they had not struck a deal with prosecutors for the guilty plea. He admitted in court to murdering his ex-girlfriend, her mother, and two others, and attempted marcher, robbery, and assault.

It is quite likely, almost guaranteed, that any sentence I give means you'd never be released from a penal institution while you are alive, said Judge Vincent DelGiudice, according to the New York Post.

Gelman blamed his rampage on the drug angel dust. He allegedly smoked it, which led to his psychotic behavior, according to the Daily News. He also claimed he had cancer and alleged that the DEA had framed him.

He has indicated to me consistently in the last month that he wishes to plead guilty, said Friedman of his client, reported the Daily News.

Gelman is facing 100 years to life in prison just on the murder charges. His sentencing date will be in six weeks.