A 42-year-old tribal man beheaded his brother while he was sleeping in the front yard of his house. The incident took place in the Sambalpur district of Odisha, India.

The accused, identified as Ujjal Munda, managed to escape the scene and later walked into a nearby police station with the severed head of his brother. Police said the victim was 38-year-old Satyanarayan Munda.

"Past animosity is the reason behind the incident. The accused, Ujjal Munda seems to be mentally unstable. A case has been registered against the accused in the police station," local media outlet PTI report quoted senior police officer Sanjeev Arora as saying.

According to police, Ujjal beheaded the victim with a sharp-edged weapon and managed to escape from the spot with the severed head.

"The man was sleeping inside a mosquito net outside his house... In the morning, his family members spotted his headless body and informed the police about it," Bhawani Shankar Udgata, a police officer, was quoted as saying by news agency Indo-Asian News Service.

Police arrived at the scene with the forensic team and launched a search for the missing head. Hours later, Ujjal arrived at a nearby police station with the severed head. The accused was charged with murder, police said, adding that the murder weapon was also seized.

Crime Scene
In this representational image, a policeman keeps watch near a police cordon of the crime scene in Mumbai, India, Aug. 23, 2013. Getty Images/ Indranil Mukherjee

In a similar incident in India, a man walked into a police station with his wife’s severed head after killing her in a fit of rage. The incident took place in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal in May. The man in his 30s, identified as Abhijit Das, walked into the police station with a bag containing the decapitated head. Police arrived at the suspect's home and found the woman’s beheaded body in a pool of blood.

“We have interrogated him and he confessed to have killed his wife. He suspected that Amba was having an illicit relationship with a neighbor. He had a fight with his wife on Sunday night,” a police officer said, local daily the Times of India reported at the time.