A man in Egypt beheaded his wife, clicked a selfie with her severed head, and then sent it to her parents.

The accused husband, identified as Hamda Al-Ajouz, allegedly murdered his 26-year-old wife, Zeinab Ibrahim, in the town of Tirah in the Dakhla governorate, local media reported Sunday.

After sending the gruesome selfie to the deceased woman's family, Al-Ajouz went on to live-stream himself on Facebook. On the live-stream, he said he would not turn himself in unless news reporters arrived at his doorstep and covered what he had to say, Ynet News reported Tuesday.

"I will not leave the apartment before television channels come and I explain my situation," he was quoted saying.

The husband claimed he wanted to be with his three daughters and did "all of this" for their sake.

"No one had mercy on me. Many people did not have mercy on me. I will not leave my apartment... before television channels come and record [an interview with me] so people know who I truly am and what drove me to do this," he said.

In another video he posted on TikTok, Al-Ajouz was seen with his three daughters, claiming his wife was plotting to kill him.

Officials were alerted about the situation after locals saw the accused husband's live video, according to Gulf News.

"Once the live broadcast started, villagers in Tira alerted police about the crime," General Marwan Habib, director of security in the governorate of Dakahlia, said as per the outlet.

Police arrived at the scene and found Al-Ajouz sitting next to his wife's headless body. He was arrested and taken into custody.

Al-Ajouz and his wife had been married for about nine years but had separated in between due to marital disputes. The victim had returned home to her husband just two weeks before she was killed.

The victim's father said the couple had divorced about two years back but had recently remarried each other.

" ... He begged me to [let him] remarry her, and she accepted to do so for the sake of her kids," the woman's father told Cairo 24 news, as quoted by Al Arabiya. "Zeinab was a strong and kind woman. After she left him, she worked to support [herself] and her daughters."

The bereaved father also claimed Al-Ajouz did drugs and didn't know what drove him to kill his wife.

"[She] asked for a divorce [years ago] because she found out he was doing drugs... [but] I accepted [his proposal] to remarry her because I wanted my grandchildren to grow up with their parents," the father reportedly said.

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