A man tried to cheat in an examination by tucking wireless equipment inside his wig and was caught red-handed after a detector began pinging near his head.

The incident happened in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh during an exam for police inspectors, reported The Indian Express.

The video of officials detaining the man and removing the equipment from his wig and minuscule earbuds from inside his ears went viral on Twitter. The video shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma shows how police discovered that something was amiss when the metal detector started pinging near the man’s head.

According to reports, the man, whose identity has not been revealed, was set to appear for the examination conducted by the government to recruit senior police officials. The young candidate, who was checked before being given entry into the examination hall, appeared alright except when for the metal detector pining when it came near his head.

Officers immediately subjected him to a thorough check which revealed the wireless equipment hidden inside the wig. They also found the audio equipment deep inside his ears. The earpieces were reportedly so small that the officers had to struggle to extract the thing from his ear.

The video immediately went viral on Twitter and garnered over 94,000 views and tons of reactions from netizens.

While a few commented on how the youth is pushed to take desperate and extreme measures to secure a government job, others praised his creativity and innovative streak.

One wrote: "If there was a Nobel prize for cheating, this guy would be amongst the front runners."

"I’d actually make him CBI director," said another user.

In one such incident in 2018, police arrested 42 people for cheating during a government exam for police officials using improvised wireless devices. The incident came to light after police got a tip-off that some candidates were likely to use an improvised wireless device comprising a receiver shaped like a credit card [concealed in slippers] and an earphone to cheat during the exam.

Other instances where aspirants used hi-tech devices like spy-mics have also been reported from India.

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