Marie Colvin, the internationally acclaimed journalist who was killed in Syria last month, will be buried in the Long Island community she grew up in. Her funeral will be held Monday at St. Dominic Roman Catholic Church. The Sunday Times of London reporter was killed last month while fleeing an unofficial media center which was being shelled by the Syrian Army. Colvin had been reporting from Homs, in spite of the Syrian government's attempts to prevent foreign journalists from covering the uprising. In a television dispatch, Colvin said she believed the atrocities witnessed may move people to think, why is this going on?

The British government is attempting to charge Syrian dictator Bashar Assad with war-crimes following Colvin's death. Just a few hours before her death, Colvin appeared on a live broadcast with Anderson Cooper. It's a complete and utter lie that they are only going after terrorists, she said. There are no military targets here.

The family was able to get Colvin's remains out of Syria through a Polish Diplomat who received her body from the Syrian Red Crescent. She was then flown to New York where she is survived by her mother, two brothers and two sisters.