Married At First Sight” couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have a lot to celebrate. The pair got married in the winter on the day they met after experts paired them up. They had one month to decide if they were meant to be or if they wanted to get a divorce, and the couple decided to stay together. The pair seems relieved to finally be able to openly say that they're still married six months later. And now they might even be planning to have a baby! Jamie posted the following message on Twitter:

This might be surprising for a lot of fans. Jamie and Doug were the couple who moved really slowly in their relationship because Jamie had a lot of trust and vulnerability issues. They didn’t even have sex before the social experiment was over. However they are apparently over their celibate phase now.

Jamie has been posting plenty of pictures since the “Married At First Sight” Season 1 finale. The former 'Bachelor' contestant seemed like the least happy bride on her wedding day. She panicked when she wasn’t attracted to Doug immediately, but over time she developed feelings for her husband.  Though audiences weren’t sure that Jamie would let her walls come down and stay married to Doug, the nurse decided in the finale that she really was ready for marriage. She now seems thrilled to be married to Doug,and the two even recently attended a wedding for Doug’s brother (who went the traditional route and met his wife before marrying her).

“Married At First Sight” fans might get to hear more about Doug and Jamie's parenting plans on the Sept. 16 reunion special on FYI.

“Married At First Sight: Six Months Later” airs Tuesday, Sept. 16 at 9 p.m. on FYI. Do you think Doug and Jamie will make great parents? Sound off in the comments section below!