Comic Con 2012 has finally drawn to a close after four days of crazy costumes, engaging panels and updates from the biggest names in all things nerd culture. The San Diego Convention Center was flooded with eager fans, some of which even camped outside to catch their favorite speakers and panelists.

The spotlight may have been on HBO hit series such as True Blood and Game of Thrones, but video game fans weren't shy about indulging in their favorite franchises. It's no surprise that gamers dressed up as their favorite characters from the Mass Effect series, one of the most successful and renowned multi-platform titles.

BioWare stirred up some major controversy with the final chapter in this space-themed science fiction shooter, as fans tirelessly campaigned for a new ending to Mass Effect 3. A downloadable content package Extended Cut was released at the end of June to provide further insight into the game's conclusion, although it did not revise the ending as some fans may have hoped.

However, that didn't stop true Mass Effect geeks from portraying their favorite characters at this year's Comic Con festival. Check out the photos below to get a glimpse of the Mass Effect cosplay you might have missed.

Male and female Commander Shepherds pose at Comic Con 2012.

Female Commander Shepherd of the Mass Effect 3 N7 Armor Build showing off her gear at Comic Con 2012.

Cosplayer Crystal Graziano suits up as Female Commander Shepherd for Comic Con 2012.

Matt Smith, known for his role as Dr. Who, checked out the Omni Tool from Mass Effect at this year's Comic Con.