Meghan Markle has gotten many critcism and insults related to her race and status as a divorcee, but some apparently dislike her because of her attitude.

The Duchess of Sussex gained both supporters and critics when she joined the royal family last year. More and more people have began taking notice of Markle, and they apparently have different opinions about Prince Harry’s wife.

Most of Markle’s fans reportedly believe that her critics don’t like her due to her race and strong feminist views. However, one netizen has slammed this statement and insisted that Markle is disliked due to her dishonesty and overspending.

“For everyone screaming that #meghanmarkle is disliked due to her heritage and feminist views, bore off. There are many many reasons why she is disliked, mainly dishonesty and extreme spending from clothes to renovations,” one netizen wrote on Twitter, adding that there’s no other royal who has sparked the same level of outrage.

There have been many speculations about Markle lying to the public, with some netizens even claiming that Markle may be faking her pregnancy. One social media user slammed her after seeing that her bump was shaped like a square. The commenter said that she has three children and her bump had never been shaped like Markle’s when she was pregnant.

Another netizen shared photos of Markle taken on the same day where her baby bump appeared to be of different sizes. In one picture, her belly appears flat, but in another, she looks heavily pregnant. The netizen called it Markle's “magic baby bump.”

Twitter user @HalliWant claimed that sharing your thoughts about Markle online is not “bullying” or “racism.” She added that Markle was overdoing her pregnancy compared to her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, due to her habitual touching of her growing baby bump. A different user said that Markle is using her baby bump as a prop.

Other netizens agreed, noting that the Duchess of Sussex is always touching her bump because she may be “insecure” or is just “acting.” Meanwhile, another branded Markle as “fake,” “deceiving” and “attention-grabbing.”

As for overspending, it was reported earlier that Markle spent $517,000 for her new outfits in 2018. The amount is almost six times more than the Duchess of Cambridge’s clothing expenses, which only total $87,000.