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Melania Trump believes she’s “mischaracterized” by the press.

The first lady of the United States is one of the most talked about women today. However, in a past interview, Melania said that she her quietness was mischaracterized as reticence.

“They say I’m shy,” Melania said. “I am not shy. They interview people about me who don’t even know me. These people, they want to have 15 minutes of fame in talking about me, and reporters don’t check the facts...You can see how they turn around stories and how unfair they can be.”

Just recently, Kate Bennett claimed in her book “Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography” that Melania suspected Roger Stone of leaking her nude photos. The FLOTUS reportedly refused to believe that her husband had something to do with it, but she was not sure of Stone.

Melania’s spokesman Stephanie Grisham immediately responded to the issue. She said that they were surprised with Bennett’s reporting because they worked with her in good faith. Unfortunately, she included many false details and opinions from people who do not know Melania personally.

Grisham added that it was disappointing when people, journalists and authors write false information just to profit off the first family.

Meanwhile, Melania is a protective mom to her son, Barron. A few weeks ago, she reacted when Pamela Karlan mentioned the name of her child. However, many slammed the FLOTUS for doing so because for them, Karland did not attack Barron, she simply mentioned his name.

Many also criticized Melania because in her statement, she said that Karlan should be ashamed of what she did. The first lady stressed that minor kids should be kept out of politics. However, she did not do any action when her husband Donald attacked Greta Thunberg, saying that the 16-year-old activist should work on her anger management problems.

Many were furious when Melania’s spokesperson finally released a statement saying that the mere mention of Barron’s name was not equatable to Trump’s tweet directed at Thunberg because the latter is an activist, so it was just fair game.

First Lady Melania Trump at the Red Cross
First Lady Melania Trump helps volunteers assemble military comfort kits for deployed American troops Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018, at the American Red Cross Headquarters in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks) Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks