In what must be termed a desperate attempt to find Michelle Parker, a 33-year-old mother of three who has been missing since Nov. 17, Florida state troopers raided the Orlando residence of Parker's ex-fiancé's father, ABC reported.

Parker was declared missing on the same day an episode of The People's Court was aired. The episode had her and ex-fiance Dale Smith disputing ownership of a $5,000 engagement ring that she tossed away during one of their fights. She was last seen by Smith, when she dropped her off their children at his house.

Roughly 12 guys piled out, banged on the door, yelled 'search warrant, search warrant,' and basically took everybody out of the house, said Don Partin, a neighbor, according to the report. Additionally, according to other witnesses, Smith's father was handcuffed and removed from the house late in the night, as were other members of his family, who were also restrained.

They took everybody out, sat them in the yard, Partin said, And then the cops went in, and the crime lab went in and pretty much everybody from all departments showed up.

The reasons for the raid have yet to be revealed; indeed, Smith himself has not been named a suspect in the case. Despite the fact that Smith and Parker had differences, he was described by her family as a dedicated and loving father, even when the two didn't get along. In any case, his house was searched on Nov. 18.

All we know is that Michelle was not found in the home, said Lauren Erickson, Parker's sister, (The) police are doing their job to the fullest and looking at all possibilities.

The residents of Smith's father's house were clearly disturbed by the incident and were unwilling to talk after the police left. When a reporter tried talking to Smith's father, an unidentified person from inside the house yelled, Get the hell out of here!

Parker's family recently released a voice mail that she left for her father on Nov. 16. She is heard saying: Hey Dad ... it's about 8:40. This is Michelle on Wednesday morning. I know that you're at work, but call me when you have lunch or you have break or the end of your day. Her car, a black Hummer, was found the day after she disappeared, near the mall at Millenia.