A video of a mongoose attacking a cobra before eventually killing the reptile in the middle of a road has gone viral on social media.

The one-minute-long video, shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda on Twitter on Monday, showed the mongoose and the snake fighting it out in the middle of the road with the mammal eventually managing to kill the reptile using it sharp paws.

Talking about the tactics used by the mammal to kill the cobra, Nanda wrote, “Animals trying to kill a snake is akin to suicide, but mongoose have tricks of their own. Residing for millions of years alongside them, they have adopted to its venom. Agility, thick coats & glycoprotein production makes it immune to venom. Thick jaws brings cobra down in seconds.”

A Twitter user, however, tried to correct the officer saying that the mammal was only “immune to neurotoxic venom not hemotoxin” which means the mongoose’s “usual prey are cobras not vipers.”

Replying to the comment, Nanda said this “was with reference to Cobra. It deals totally in a different way with Vipers.”

Meanwhile, the other Twitter users called the “street brawl” very “scary.” Information regarding when and where the incident took place was not available.

Representational image. Getty Images