A UFO expert claimed that the photos taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover showed an alien pyramid on Mars. According to the UFO expert, NASA should have tried exploring the strange structure using the rover.

Scott Waring of ET Data Base spotted the alleged alien pyramid while going through the photos featured on the website Gigapan, which features panoramic and interactive photos taken during NASA’s various missions.

One of the photos on the site featured a panoramic version of the images taken by the Curiosity rover on SOL 2539. On Earth, this date is equivalent to Sept. 27.  The photo features a large mountain on Mars. Near the base of the mountain are various rock formations and other landscape features.

Located near the lower-left portion of the image is a triangular object. Although this is most likely a rock formation, Waring noted that it is actually a pyramid structure, similar to the ones found in Egypt.

The UFO expert said that the object featured in the photo could be one of the numerous pyramids scattered in the area.

“I found a pyramid in a Mars photo today,” Waring stated in a blog post. “The pyramid’s geometric shape is 100% matching that of the Egyptian pyramids.”

“The structure is on the lower base of a hill and may be surrounded by a few other pyramids that were covered with dirt and debris over time,” he added.

According to Waring, the alleged pyramid could be a hollow structure with an opening in one of its walls. Because of this, the UFO expert said that NASA should have tried exploring it using the Curiosity rover. Waring then went on to blame NASA for intentionally ignoring discoveries that are allegedly related to extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet.

“I wonder why NASA did not notice this structure or go to investigate it?” Waring stated. “There may be an opening somewhere on it, perhaps on its side. “

“The rover’s job is to explore, and yet it’s doing zero exploration,” he continued. “That should make the whole world suspicious that NASA does not really want to explore Mars.”