A UFO expert claimed that some of the photos taken during NASA’s Apollo 17 mission show images of a mysterious object hovering near Earth. The expert noted that the object could be an alien black knight satellite.

Claims regarding the appearance of an alien object in Apollo 17’s photos were made by the YouTube channel Terry’s Theories. According to Terry, the channel’s owner, he came across the images while browsing through NASA’s archive photos from its Apollo program.

As he was going through various photo galleries, he came across certain images that were taken during Apollo 17. This mission was officially launched in 1972 and served as NASA’s last human expedition to the Moon. It was also the last mission in the agency’s Apollo program.

In one of the images, Terry spotted a dark object hovering near Earth. He speculated that it could be the infamous subject of the black knight satellite conspiracy theory. According to this theory, there is a spacecraft that is of extraterrestrial origin that orbits Earth.

Supporters of the theory believe that NASA is aware of the existence of the black knight satellite especially since it has appeared in a number of its photos. The agency, however, maintained that the mysterious object in the photos could just be a piece of space debris that came from an old satellite or even from one of its spacecraft.

In another video, Terry shared another Apollo 17 photo that shows a black triangular object in low-Earth orbit. Aside from being the black knight satellite, Terry noted that the object could be a mysterious spy plane reportedly developed by the U.S. Air Force.

Dubbed as the TR-3B Astra, self-proclaimed Area 51 employee Edgar Fouche claimed in 1999 that this aircraft was designed to be a spy plane that could also operate in space.

“Apollo 17 photograph from 1972 reveals a black triangular object on the edge of space,” Terry wrote in his video’s description. “Could this be the legendary TR-3B or some other triangular shaped object or craft? Are we just looking at space junk in the shape of a triangle?”

Dark Knight Satellite
Detail of NASA photo id STS088-724-66 taken during Space Shuttle mission STS-88, described as showing an item of "space debris", an object claimed by conspiracy theorists to be an alien satellite, the Black Knight. NASA