• An expert spotted a massive UFO fleet near the Moon
  • Photo of the alleged UFO fleet was taken by NASA
  • Each of the alleged UFOs could be about 2 to 3 kilometers long

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted massive UFO’s passing in front of the Moon. He came across the mysterious objects while browsing the archive photos of NASA’s previous space missions.

According to Scott Waring of ET Data Base, he saw the images of the alleged UFOs through a photo taken by NASA’s Apollo 9 mission. Officially launched on March 3, 1969, Apollo 9 served as the third human spaceflight under the Apollo program.

It was the first mission to use Apollo Command and Service Module and the Lunar Module. Through Apollo 9, NASA was able to test these modules in preparation for Moon landing missions.

Apollo 9, however, did not go to the Moon. Instead, the mission was launched in low-Earth orbit and spent about 10 days in space. Aside from testing its equipment, the mission also took several photos from orbit.

One of the subjects of Apollo 9’s photos was the Moon. As Waring was going through a particular photo of the Moon, he spotted a couple of strange objects that appear to be flying in front of the natural satellite. Based on the image, the objects look like dark straight lines on the lunar surface.

According to Waring, the objects were actually massive UFOs that were transiting the Moon. The UFO expert estimated that each of the objects was about 2 to 3 kilometers long.

“UFOs that were over 2-3 km long have been seen and reported by pilots and other eyewitnesses, I myself have reported UFOs in NASA photos on the Moon’s surface that were about 10 km across in comparison with the nearby crater whose diameter is known,” he stated in a blog post.

“Here again are three UFOs, long and giant in size flying past the moon and recorded by none other than NASA,” Waring continued.

Although Waring strongly believes that the strange objects in the photos were actual UFOs, it is possible that their appearance was caused by natural factors.

Based on the photo, the alleged UFOs look like scratch marks. It is possible that the lens of the camera used to snap the photo had scratches on it.

Apollo 9 EVA
Lunar Module pilot Russell Schweickart performed a 37.5-minute extravehicular activity (EVA), i.e. space walk, as part of the Apollo 9 mission. NASA