Netflix is making history by releasing its first major feature film next year. Reuters

Netflix is making history in its deal with The Weinstein Company’s Harvey Weinstein by releasing its first major feature film, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend.” The original "Crouching Tiger," directed by Ang Lee, was released in 2000 and won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. It was announced Monday that the sequel will premiere exclusively on Netflix and simultaneously in IMAX theaters next year.

The streaming service has already made waves in the television industry by launching scripted shows “House of Cards,” and “Orange is the New Black.” Now, founder and CEO Reed Hastings is hoping to make his mark in the movie industry. While martial arts fans will likely be anticipating “The Green Legend’s” release, we can think of four more film sequels that we want Netflix to release next.

Napoleon Dynamite

Jon Heder
Will Jon Heder, who starred as Napoleon, return for a sequel? Reuters

This 2004 comedy film was a huge hit, grossing more than $46 million worldwide on a budget of $400,000. The movie, starring Jon Heder as Napoleon, earned numerous accolades, including four awards at the Teen Choice Awards, the 2004 Film Discovery Jury Award for Best Feature and the 2005 Golden Trailer Award for Best Comedy. Fans would certainly be excited for a part two.

Mean Girls

Lindsay Lohan
Actress Lindsay Lohan, poses as she arrives at the "Mean Girls" premiere in New York, on April 23, 2004. Reuters

While ABC Family has released a sequel to this popular 2004 comedy, it did not feature the stars who made the original a hit, and was arguably not nearly as good. Wouldn’t it be great if Netflix could do a sequel that matched Lindsay Lohan’s hit movie? It sounds like Lohan would certainly be onboard to star in it. She told Time Out London in April: "People really love the movie. How do you top that? I was with Tina Fey ['Mean Girls' writer] the other day and I said we should do another 'Mean Girls,' like an older version where they’re all housewives and they’re all cheating. That would be really funny. I’ll harass Tina to write it."

Inside Man

Inside Man
Clive Owens at the red carpet premiere for "Inside Man" in 2006. Reuters

This 2006 crime thriller starring Denzel Washington, Clive Owen and Jodie Foster grossed more than $184 million worldwide and was director Spike Lee's most profitable movie. While he pushed forward with a sequel that was set to reunite the stars of the first film, one script was rejected and by 2011 Lee claimed that things just didn’t work out. “‘Inside Man’ was my most successful film, but we can’t get the sequel made," he told BET. "And one thing Hollywood does well is sequels. The film’s not getting made. We tried many times. It’s not going to happen." Hey, Netflix, maybe it's time to call up Lee about a sequel?


Samuel L. Jackson (l) and Hayden Christensen attend the premiere of the movie "Jumper" at the Zeigfeld Theater in New York February 11, 2008. Reuters

"Jumper" did not wow the critics, but the 2008 science fiction film about people with teleportation abilities starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson ended up topping $220 million worldwide. Director Doug Liman told, “I actually have a ton of ideas for the sequel because this is whole new arena for me, and so my mind was in overdrive the whole time, and most of the ideas I came up with we either could tease or just save it for a sequel and so it’s … this power can be used to leave this planet, this power can be used ultimately to go back in time, this power can be used if you go and work for the government you’d be the ultimate Jason Bourne.” By 2014, however, there were no plans for a second film. Netflix may be the perfect forum for a sequel.