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The Binding of Isaac is a dungeon-crawling roguelike featuring weird and twisted monsters Nicalis Inc.


  • "Mewgenics" is a turn-based game from the makers of "The Binding of Isaac"
  • The new game is still in early development
  • "Mewgenics" was shelved shortly after it was announced a decade ago

Edmund McMillen, best known as the maker of "The Binding of Isaac," is working on a new project in the same vein as the morbid basement crawler.

The new game is called "Mewgenics," and McMillen described it as a new "mega roguelike" in response to a question on Twitter. His response was accompanied by a short snippet of gameplay featuring his signature art style.

Based on the post, "Mewgenics" is a turn-based game with RPG elements where players control a group of what appears to be cats. Not much is known about this game as of late, but it looks like it will have an over-world map with branching pathways instead of the procedurally-generated network of rooms from the first game.

"Mewgenics" will be more skill-based than "The Binding of Isaac," said McMillen, as per Comic Book's report. However, the game will still feature an element of luck, much like other titles in the genre. Additionally, he said that the combo design in "Mewgenics" is much stricter due to the turn-based nature of the game and that they had to scrap a few infinite spell combos to keep the game from breaking.

Binding of Isaac - Spider
The Binding of Isaac has tons of powerups for players to obtain in their runs Nicalis Inc.

It's still unknown how the combat works except that it uses turn-based actions and moves derived from a set of abilities denoted on the bottom-left of the screen. Interestingly, the roguelike factor will likely come in the form of new cats or attacks that can be picked up along the map.

Lastly, McMillen said that the game is designed to be "replayed forever" in a similar style to his previous games. The extent of this is not yet specified, but players can expect the same degree of replayability as "The Binding of Isaac" in terms of how many ways the game can be played.

"Mewgenics" is still some years from an actual release date, and this was not the first time the game was revealed. It was formally announced years ago, but the developers decided to scrap the project. Originally, it was meant to be a "Pokemon"-style game, but McMillen and his team failed to build the game in that direction.

Binding of Isaac Gameplay
This screen capture shows some of the disturbing events that happen in 'The Binding of Isaac.'