Cartman was at it against last night on Comedy Central, as he did his best to convince the residents of South Park (or at least the stupidest ones) that the Jewpacabra, a close relative of the mysterious chupacabra monster, was on the loose and threatening to turn the annual Easter egg hunt into a bloodbath. Of course the entire thing backfired on Cartman, with hilarious, historic and extremely shocking results. Watch the full episode here.

The episode centered around Cartman's attempts to convince the more gullible residents of South Park (AKA Butters), and the owner of Sooper Market, a grocery store organizing the yearly Easter egg hunt. He warns his friends, A lot of people claim that on Passover a blood sucking creature comes out and prays on the blood of children. This week Passover happens to be on the same weekend as Easter. Later in the episode it becomes clear that Cartman's plan all along was to scare everyone else away so he could have all the chocolate Easter eggs for himself. However, by the time the Easter egg hunt rolls around Cartman's lie has spun out of control.

In order to pull of his scheme Cartman starts by heading into the woods with Butters at night to catch the Jewpacabra on camera. They attempt to lure him out by saying Jesus is a lie, there was no Christ. They bring their grainy footage to the Sooper Market, and later to the Colorado Sasquatch center where a bunch of extremely stupid men become convinced that the Jewpacabra is real, thoroughly scaring Cartman when they warn him that the monster is likely angry at him for making the video. That night he lies in bed whining, those crypto zoologists just gave me a case of the Hebrew-jeebies.

Jumping ahead, we find Cartman chained up in the park and dressed as a rabbit, a sacrifice to the Jewpacabra. When the Sasquatch hunter show up they mistake him for a bunny-man and shoot him with a tranquilizer, triggering a hallucination that takes Cartman back to ancient Egypt where he experiences the extremely violent plagues of Passover.

The next morning Cartman wakes up in bed after Kyle dragged his unconscious body home, and shows up at the Easter egg hunt to deliver a sermon to the crowd.

I'm alive! Last night I almost died but then a Passover miracle happened. The Jewpacabra passed me over. And by the power of Jehovah I somehow woke up safely in my bed. I learned a big lesson. It's wrong guys. Christ didn't die for our sins and god is our angry.

After Butters calls Cartman a heathen the egg hunt continues, and Cartman turns to Kyle, saying I finally know how you feel knowing your religion is right but getting laughed at. It's so hard for us Jews

Overall a solid episode, though not nearly as funny as last week's Faith Hilling. My favorite part was the ancient Egpyt ten plagues scene, which portrayed the celebrated story with the degree of gory violence that is implied in the Bible but often glossed over in modern retellings.