A New York City minister pleads guilty in threatening Buffalo developer Paladino.

63-year old Miles Fisher admitted in federal court on Tuesday, for a bomb threat to the Buffalo campaign headquarters of Carl A. Paladino. On his April 13 phone call, Fisher made harassing and threatening statements, including a declaration, saying he was going to bomb all of you.

The threat promoted an evacuation of around 700 people from the entire Ellicott Square building, the Paladino for the People campaign headquarters.

Fisher's attorney, John P.Pieri said, my client takes the position that he never said those things, and the government takes the position that he did. He does admit that he made a threatening and harassing call. What was actually said will be an issue for the judge to assess at sentencing, according to the Buffalo News.

According to Pieri, Fisher is politically active, and a part of a black ministers' group in New York City. He was very upset by offensive e-mails to African Americans, Pieri said. But as a trained minister, he should have used better judgment.

Fisher will face up to two years in prison, when he is sentenced on federal charges on August 25, 2011.