Overwatch 2 - Kiriko
Kiriko supports her team with healing talismans and a variety of aggressive-yet-defensive effects Activision Blizzard


  • Kiriko is a healer who can buff and protect teammates at the same time
  • She can completely block damage and cleanse negative effects with one of her abilities
  • Her Ultimate buffs her allies' movement, reload, attack and cooldown regeneration speeds 

The first new champion coming to "Overwatch 2" offers an interesting playstyle that combines the typical healer role with high mobility and extremely high playmaking potential.

Kiriko joins the "Overwatch" roster this October as a Support hero. She may not have much to offer in terms of damage, but her sheer utility and elusiveness may be enough to make her a meta pick. Activision Blizzard revealed Kiriko's entire kit in a short trailer, giving players a closer look at what they can expect from her.

Primary Fire – Healing Ofuda

Kiriko's main ability is Healing Ofuda, which sends mystical talismans out to friendly players, restoring their HP. Based on the gameplay, the ofuda moves slowly as projectiles and they don't heal until they touch other players. However, they do seem to home into allies, meaning Kiriko won't have to worry about aiming when healing.

Secondary Fire – Kunai

This ability launches a kunai at an enemy to deal a bit of damage. Unlike Genji, Kiriko only throws one projectile at a time, which better fits her role as a support unit instead of a DPS unit. This is good for chipping away at an enemy, but don't expect it to do much damage.

First Ability – Swift Step

Kiriko teleports to a target ally, allowing her to respond to emergencies or escape from pesky backline divers. This is similar to Mercy's Guardian Angel skill except that it can be used through walls. Strategic use of Swift Step can set teams up for incredible pushes and game-clutching moments.

Overwatch 2 - Kiriko skill
Kiriko can negate damage and cleanse debuffs to keep her team from falling apart Activision Blizzard

Second Ability – Protection Suzu

Protection Suzu temporarily makes every allied hero near Kiriko immune to all damage. This also cleanses any existing debuffs. This ability, when paired with Swift Step, will be the bread-and-butter of Kiriko's neutral game outside of her Ultimate ability's usage.

Ultimate – Kitsune Rush

Kiriko empowers her kitsune companion and blesses the area in front of her, causing all allies within the field to receive greatly increased movement speed, attack speed, reload speed and cooldown reduction.

Lastly, Kiriko's passive lets her climb up walls like Genji and Hanzo, granting her more options to approach and escape fights.

Overwatch 2 - Kiriko entrance
Kiriko is one of the newest additions to the Overwatch 2 roster Activision Blizzard