Prince Charles
Prince Charles not bothered about how "The Crown" will portray his marriage. Pictured: Prince Charles visits the new Emergency Service Station at Barnard Castle on Feb. 15, 2018 in Durham, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Prince Charles is not concerned about the upcoming season of "The Crown."

The new season of the Netflix series will reportedly introduce Camilla Parker Bowles as a significant character. This reportedly sends Prince Charles "panicking" on how his marriage will be portrayed in the show.

"Charles is having sleepless nights over it. He can't seem to escape his past and is feeling anxious about what 'The Crown' will divulge," a so-called insider said.

"The next season of 'The Crown' will reveal what went on behind closed doors with Camilla and Charles, and his turbulent marriage to Diana."

The insider added that while the Prince of Wales was worried, Camilla was not. In fact, the Duchess of Cornwall is "relishing becoming a key character in the show."

However, according to Gossip Cop, there is no truth to such claims. A royal insider told the publication that the story was completely "false."

Also, as a member of the royal family, every aspect of Prince Charles' life, including those embarrassing moments, has already been widely reported. Thus, there is no reason for the Duke of Cornwall to be concern about the Netflix drama.

In related news, Camilla reportedly loves to be the next queen. Based on her handwriting, the Duchess loves the spotlight and will be pleased to be the next empress.

"Camilla's writing has a large size with wide and irregular word and letter spacing," said Tracey Trussell, a handwriting expert and founder of "It means she adores being in the limelight. She craves respect and would love to be Queen."

Meanwhile, according to Paul Burrell, Princess Diana suspected Prince Charles of plotting an automobile accident to kill her because he wanted to remarry. Prince Harry's mom told him months before she died.

"Her words were 'these next few months, are the most difficult months of my life. I fear my husband is going to kill me. In an automobile accident. With head injuries. In order that he can remarry,'" Burrell said. "That is spooky. She predicted her own death nine months before she died,"

Even before Prince Charles and Princess Diana split, the latter knew that their marriage was over after delivering Prince Harry. Prince Charles reportedly visited Princess Diana after giving birth to their youngest. He was not pleased after seeing that their new son's hair was red. The Duke reportedly left shortly to go to the theater with Camilla.