Prince William is a true gentleman.

The Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex were very close to their late mom, Princess Diana. Prince William showcased how gentleman he was in a throwback photo where he carries the Princess of Wales’ purse.

In the snap shared on Instagram, Prince William is wearing a white shirt with a dark collar and shorts with white prints. In his hand is Princess Diana’s purse. The People’s Princess can be seen behind Prince William in a blouse and pleated skirt with gold buttons.

The netizens were impressed with the Duke of Cambridge. One commented and wrote that Prince William was “man enough” at that age to carry Princess Diana’s purse.

Prince William reportedly wanted to name his daughter with Kate Middleton “Diana.” However, he changed his mind out of respect to his father Prince Charles who already has a new wife, Camilla Parker Bowles.

The Duke of Cambridge felt that it would be a “little unseemly” to do so given their current situation. So, Prince William only used his mom’s name as one of Princess Charlotte’s middle names. However, he won’t be happy if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would pick “Diana” for their baby’s name.

“For Harry to go blaring in with the name Diana even though he knows William's feelings on the matter – especially given that all is not particularly well between the brothers – will only fuel the flames of their differences. It's clear that Harry doesn't care what William thinks anymore,” an insider said.

According to Ingrid Seward, between Princess Diana’s two sons, she was more worried about Prince William. The royal expert didn’t explain why but only shared a conversation she had with the princess.

Meanwhile, Richard Kay shared a different story. According to the Daily Mail columnist, Princess Diana was more concerned with Prince Harry because of the members of the royal family favor Prince William more as he is the future king.

Since most paid more love and attention to Prince William, Princess Diana decided to give more love to her youngest son. The Princess of Wales stressed that she had to do it to ensure that both Prince William and Prince Harry would receive equal amounts of time and love.