• The clip was meant to be an introductory video for his students at Ferris State University
  • The professor blamed the university for holding in-person classes during the pandemic
  • A university spokesperson confirmed the professor was placed on administrative leave

A Michigan university professor was placed on administrative leave after posting a 14-minute long rant online and calling his students “vectors of disease.”

Barry Mehler, a history professor in the Humanities Department of Ferris State University, chided the university for holding in-person classes while the country continues to grapple with the COVID-19 crisis. He also claimed he randomly assigns grades to students, as reported by the Associated Press.

“None of you (expletive) are good enough to earn an A in my class, so I randomly assign grades before the first day of class,” Mehler said in the YouTube video. “I don’t want to know (expletive) about you. I don’t even want to know your name. I just look at the number and I assign a grade. That is how predestination works. And don’t come (expletive) complaining to me, take your complaints to God. He ordained this system, not me.”

The 14-minute clip which shows the man using profane language was meant to be an introductory video for his students. He brazenly told them to stay away from him while they are at the university.

“No liberty (expletive) of an administrator is going to tell me how to teach my class, because I’m a (expletive) tenured professor, so if you want to complain to your dean, (expletive) you,” Mehler said in the video. “Go ahead. I’m retiring at the end of this year and I couldn’t give a flying (expletive) any longer. You people are just vectors of disease to me, and I don’t want to be anywhere near you.”

The professor also said he would not be taking questions in class because he would be wearing a helmet that he claimed was bought for $300 “in order to stay alive.”

Mehler was placed on administrative leave after posting the video on Jan. 9. His conduct is being investigated.

“I was shocked and appalled by this video. It is profane, offensive and disturbing and in no way reflects our university or its values,” Ferris President David Eisler said Thursday.

Ferris State spokesperson Sandy Gholston confirmed to MLive that the professor was placed on leave.

“Ferris State University is aware of a course video distributed to students, in early January, by a faculty member, believed to be Professor Barry Mehler. The faculty member has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.”

Representative image Credit: Pixabay