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To this point, we have learned much about the PS4's specs, the PS4's games and the PS4's hardware. However, we haven't gotten an in-depth look at the PS4's interface. Until now.

Sony released a video that gives us a solid look at the PS4's interface, which features a tiled layout along with social networking feeds and sharing functions.

During the Xbox One reveal last month, Microsoft execs showed the Xbox One seamlessly changing tasks, calling the feature Instant Switching. For what it's worth, the video shows the PS3 seemingly doing the same thing when the gamer featured most prominently in the video switches from playing "Knack," a PS4 launch title, to watching a video to going back to "Knack."

According to the video, when you buy a game on the PS4, you'll have the option of downloading the game's singleplayer or multiplayer mode first. That's great, because having that option lets you get to the content you want to access faster. Why download in bulk if you just plan to play a game with your buddies? The video concludes by showing a girl purchasing and downloading a game to her PS4 from her phone while sitting in a diner and interacting with her friends as they game.

Watch the full PS4 interface demo video below, courtesy of YouTube.

What do you think of the PS4 interface demo? What do you think of the PS4 interface? Do you like it? Why or why not? What PS4 interface feature or features do you like most and why? Sound off in the comments below.