• A Bag N Bake from Woolworths exploded on a grandmother while trying to remove it from an oven
  • The woman suffered third-degree burns after the incident and required ongoing medical care
  • She suspected the cause was a "bad batch" of bags and later reported the incident to Woolworths

A grandmother in the Australian state of Queensland allegedly suffered third-degree burns after a food product she purchased from a supermarket exploded.

The woman, identified only as Angela, bought one of Woolworths' Bag N Bake fish products on Feb. 14, reported.

Bag N Bake, which first launched in early 2021 and is available at Woolworths' deli counters, lets customers choose their fish fillet and marinade before it all gets packed in a ready-to-cook, oven-proof bag by the supermarket's staff.

The Bag N Bake Angela bought allegedly exploded while she was preparing dinner for her family.

"I went to remove the bag from the oven, and it just exploded," Angela said.

The Bag N Bake's sauce ended up running down Angela's arm, which she claimed was "so painful."

Angela sustained third-degree burns from the incident. Her burns have already been treated by doctors, but she required ongoing medical care.

"Feeling a little miserable when I look at the massive scar that is very, very noticeable, unfortunately. That scar won’t go away now. And it’s on an area of my arm where I can’t hide it," the elderly woman said.

Angela, who reportedly used Bag N Bake "all the time," believed the incident was caused by a "bad batch" of bags since it was "the first time I've had an issue with it."

"When the Woolworths worker first put the fish into a bag, the bag didn’t seal properly. There was obviously something wrong with that bag, and she took it out of that bag and put it in the one I took home," she said.

Angela has been in contact with Woolworths, and she was "happy" with how they handled her case.

The company allegedly reached out to her 10 minutes after reporting the incident and advised her to put in a claim.

There was no malice from Woolworths, Angela said.

She hoped the supermarket removed or checked the suspected bad batch of bags after reporting to them the incident.

Woolworths, for its part, has begun investigating the matter, according to a spokesperson for the company.

"Our thoughts are with the customer and we wish her well. We’ve been in contact with the customer and will continue to work to resolve this directly with her," the spokesperson said.

Angela's case was considered an isolated incident because Woolworths never had similar repo

Representation. Woolworths' Bag N Bake lets customers choose their own fish fillet and marinade before it all gets packed in a ready-to-cook oven-proof bag by the supermarket's staff. liveinlondon_/Pixabay