Although Apple clearly deserves credit for revolutionizing the tech-world into what it is today, Steve Jobs' obvious contempt for Android may have caused the Cupertino titan to go overboard in its customary attacks over competing companies.

Apple's rumor mill has recently churned out a fresh report that suggests that a staggering amount of $100 million was supposedly spent by the tech giant over its first set of claims against HTC. The original report comes from Newsweek's Dan Lyons, who cited sources close to the suit's lawyers in providing the information.

Who knows if it's true, but if so, Apple didn't get a lot for its money, said the well-sourced commentator on his RealDanLyons' blog on Jan. 23.

The case in question refers to a closely watched patent lawsuit that Apple filed against HTC in 2010, following which the International Trade Commission imposed a ban on HTC Android Phones that copy the iPhone. The ruling, however, was just a partial victory for Apple, who initially presented 10 patents that were subjected to infringement, out of which just one patent was narrowed down to infringement by the Taiwan-based company. HTC, on the other hand, responded with a promise to remove the infringed features or an alternative way to integrate the features that were deemed stolen.

Apple may have narrowly scored a victory but at the cost of burning an outrageous amount. Lyons noted that the $100 million figure is not the real issue and is just a fraction of what Apple can afford.

The court fights are really just a way of jockeying for position and trying to gain leverage for the great settlement that is yet to come, he said on the blog.

Apple's head-on war with Android has resulted in many patent disputes with major software companies, including Motorola and Samsung, that manufacture Google-toting smartphones. One case against HTC is awaiting a March 2013 ruling, while another, involving other patents, is pending at the ITC.

Apple is also facing lawsuits of its own. HTC has filed two lawsuits against the company, both of which are awaiting decisions in March and April 2013. Apple had lost a major lawsuit in 2011 to Finnish handset manufacturer Nokia over patent infringement of Nokia technologies.