Rick Ross
Rick Ross uses his newest song, “Idols Become Rivals” to diss Birdman. Pictured: Ross on Feb. 12, 2017 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Rick Ross’ hate for Birdman is no secret. Following Lil Wayne’s falling out with the Cash Money Records CEO, Ross has been outspoken with his disdain for Birdman.

Now, on his new song “Idols Become Rivals” from his album “Better You Than Me,” Rick Ross uses the whole track to diss Birdman. Making no secret who he’s rapping about, the “Purple Lamborghini” rapper calls Birdman out by name, mentioning his mistreatment of other artists and producers.

In the song, Ross recalls looking up to Birdman and Cash Money but upon meeting him, realizing he was putting up a front. “And then I met you on Live Nation dates / Came to the realization that your watch was fake.”

Ross continues calling out Birdman in the song’s second verse, claiming his record label is losing money and he was using his artists, keeping money from them. The rapper then goes all out on the third verse, accusing Birdman of abandoning his former artists. “Knew that you never visit BG / Turk came home, take that boy a three piece,” he raps.

The artist uses his last bars to make a plea for Lil Wayne, rapping, “I pray you find the kindness in your heart for Wayne / His entire life, he gave you what there was to gain.” Upon learning about the lyric, Weezy took to Twitter to thank Ross.

“Dam big bro that msg hi me in the heart and put the motivation on automatik start. I needed that. 1 boss 2 another,” tweeted Lil Wayne.

In the song’s outro, Rick Ross reveals a story about a falling out with DJ Khaled and Birdman that has never been discussed before. “And what hurts me the most is you how you did my brother Khaled,” he rappers. “Khaled was loyal to you / The pain I seen in my brother’s eyes.”

It’s uncertain what happened between the two but the “Shining” artist does have a long-standing relationship with Lil Wayne.