Rihanna is known for setting fashion trends, whether through her clothing or her hairstyles, and she has once again spearheaded a “new” hairstyle. On Sunday night, at the AMA awards, where Rihanna won the firstr AMA Icon Award, she showed off a hairdo that has been around for years, but rarely seen in public.

With pearl hairpins and black pins in her hair, the Barbadian beauty wore a style that women typically wear to bed. The style, called a doobie, but also known as the "wrap," is a protective hairstyle that primarily women of color do after getting their hair pressed or blown out. It keeps the hair stretched and in place so that the style lasts longer.

People were quick to comment, pretty humorously at times, on how Rihanna in one night made a hairstyle relegated to the bedroom suddenly "in style."

Reactions were certainly mixed about Rihanna’s latest look, but it can't be denied that she looked stunning, pairing the “bedtime” hairstyle with a glittery black crop top and ruffled skirt. When accepting her first AMA Icon Award, Rihanna looked humbled as her mother joined her onstage. "Thank you so much," she said to the audience, before turning toward her mother.

"I'll start by saying just about 20 years ago is when I really started making your life a living hell with my 'annoying little husky man voice,' you'd call it. And I mean just disrupting the entire neighborhood ... I annoyed every one of my neighbors,” she said candidly. She then discussed her audition at 17, which eventually led her to signing a deal with Roc-A-Fella records. "I can't believe that at 25 years old I'm holding an Icon award," she said.