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Rihanna performs a medley at the 2010 American Music Awards in Los Angeles. Reuters

Rihanna's latest music video 'Man Down' has inspired the Parents Television Council to try to have the video banned from BET.

The 23 year old singer responded via Twitter, stating, The music industry isn't exactly Parents R Us! We have the freedom to make art, LET US! It's your job to make sure they don't turn out like US.

I'm a 23 year old rock star with NO KIDS! What's up with everybody wantin me to be a parent? I'm just a girl; I can only be your/our voice!

The singer continued, Cuz we all know how difficult [and] embarrassing it is to communicate touchy subject matters to anyone especially our parents, and this is why! Cuz we turn the other cheek!

You can't hide your kids from society, or they'll never learn how to adapt! This is the REAL WORLD!

In her video, Rihanna plays a rape victim who commits premeditated murder against her offender with the shot of a gun.

The Parents Television Council joined with Industry Ears and Enough Is Enough Campaign to condemn the video, deeming it too violent. The groups urged Viacom to stop airing the video which aired on BET's 106 & Park on May 31.

'Man Down' is an inexcusable, shock-only, shoot-and-kill theme song. In my 30 years of viewing BET, I have never witnessed such a cold, calculated execution of murder in primetime.

Viacom's standards and practices department has reached another new low, said Paul Porter, co-founder of Industry Ears and a former voice of BET, in a recent statement issued on the Parents Television Council's website.

The groups are also angry because Rihanna has promoted the video on her Twitter account stating it has a 'very strong underlying message 4 girls like me!'

Fans, however, seem to be applauding Rihanna for showing a reality that many women have to face. Rihanna's fan @AngiellehciM states, 'it's about time about real issues are portrayed in the media.'

However, Pastor Delman Coates, founder of the Enough Is Enough Campaign feels that BET is taking the 'low road over the high road' in airing the video.

He stated, Violence is a pervasive problem in all corners of our society and today's youth need more positive strategies for dealing with conflict than those portrayed in the Rihanna video.

This video is one among several frequently played on Viacom music video networks that lyrically or graphically glorifies violence and other behavior inappropriate for teens and youth.

Watch Rihanna's 'Man Down' video below. Tell us your thoughts on Rihanna's reaction.