Adele Brushes Off Karl Lagerfeld 'Too Fat' Remarks: 'I'm Very Proud' Of My Body
Karl Lagerfeld has apologized to Adele for calling the singer "a little too fat" earlier this week, but the British import doesn't care what the fashion designer has to say about her body. "I represent the majority of women, and I'm very proud of that," she said. Adele told reporters she avoids people who make weight a life-consuming issue, and tries not to let her insecurities weigh her down. Reuters

Twitter has gone into overdrive again with a death hoax, and this time British singer Adele is the victim. Although there are no official reports that the singer has passed, on Saturday RIP Adele became a trending topic on Twitter, igniting speculations as to whether the singer is really dead.

The Adele death rumors came a day after false death reports of actress Demi Moore began spreading like wildfire on Twitter. There were also false death reports circulating about singer Cher this week.

My heart dropped to my stomach when I saw RIP Adele, but then it was fake, one tweet read.

Anyone who finds it funny that RIP Adele or RIP Demi Moore is trending lacks compassion, respect and kindness. What happened to the truth? noted another.

Sigh at 'RIP Adele' trending. It's not funny making people think someone's dead, another user wrote.

Adele's gonna wake up in the morning, check her twitter, and realize that 'RIP ADELE' is trending and wonder if she's alive or dead#NotFunny, one post read.

Some users have said that RIP Adele could also mean Really Inspiring Person.

That awkward moment when you see RIP Adele trending and you think she died and than you realize it stands for Really Inspiring Person, a Twitter user posted.

But some fans of the singer do not share that understanding of RIP.

Dear dumb---es who made RIP Adele a trend, RIP stands for Rest In Peace, not for Really Inspiring Person. RIP Adele is a dumb--- trend, one angry Twitter user wrote.

Adele's Live from the Artists Den performance at the Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club will premiere on television on Feb. 3, according to her Web site.

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